Monthly Movie Rant: A New Year’s resolution

Would you look at that? Christmas is literally three days away, and 2016 is almost over.

“Good riddance!” -The World

This is the time of year when most people start looking at their lives, realising how deeply they have failed in all their goals for the past year, and resolving to do better next year. I am no different, but I’m only going to share with you my blogging New Year’s resolutions. There are two.

First, in 2017, I resolve not to review any sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots or movies based on video games. There were waaaaayyyy too many of those in 2016, and while they were occasionally decent, and one of them actually ended up being my favourite movie of the year, I’m tired of spending my money on movies that only exist to make money. I don’t have all that much cash (one of my personal New Year’s resolutions is to start saving), and I’d rather spend it on movies that are at least trying to be art, in some sense of the word. So I will not be watching, let alone reviewing, the 500th Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or the live-action Beauty and the Beast, or the…King Kong sequel that’s apparently happening? Nope. None of that.

Why is this allowed to exist?

The only exception to this rule is superhero movies. Because I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to those. And there are some really promising-looking ones coming out next year: LEGO Batman, a Wolverine movie that actually looks good, the new Spider-Man…I’m even holding out hope the Wonder Woman movie might be okay. I realise it’s a long shot, since it’s live-action DC and Zack Snyder is probably involved somehow, but wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t suck?

Anyhow, my second resolution is to broaden my horizons. When one lives in America, it is incredibly easy to only watch American movies. Hollywood puts out so many, and they’re so readily available, that you can watch a movie every day and never even notice that other countries have film industries, too. I think it’s shocking that an aspiring film buff such as myself has only seen one or two non-American movies in their entire life. The number of countries I’ve visited is greater than the number of foreign movies I’ve watched. And that’s terrible.

Yes, Godzilla. You are right to judge.

So, to correct that error, I will be reviewing one foreign movie per month throughout 2017. They will be of all genres, ages and languages, and I will be taking requests (although I have a pretty long list already). They’ll all be new to me, and hopefully some will be new to you readers as well.

Allow me to conclude my blogging resolutions by wishing you all a happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks for reading my blog!

I leave you with the best Christmas movie of all time.

The Wizard

2 thoughts on “Monthly Movie Rant: A New Year’s resolution”

  1. Film Crit Hulk has a feeling we reached Peak Affectation — where it’s easier to have a movie entertain; easier now than to expertly present a story. This, combined with a franchise’s fear of deviation from routine survival habits, might leave a surprising amount of people bored with movies, and me pondering why watch movies at all.

    But I still enjoy visiting the origins of the franchises — they did not seem so eager to adhere to mainstream. Ghost in the Shell (1995 subtitled), might be worth watching in lieu of the 2017 edition — and is considered a Japanese classic, even in spite of its cheesecake. Past that, I only hear of a few films from critics I enjoy, but haven’t seen personally. But there’s enough in the past five years to have a satisfying movie night every week of 2017. I’m sure.


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