Greetings, and welcome to my movie blog!

The title of this blog is taken from one of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, Moving Pictures. In that book, the people in a fantasy world invent movies, which they call “clicks.” And the people who love clicks the most are the wizards of Unseen University, who are mostly old, lazy gentlemen who don’t get out much and live very sheltered lives. They start spending all their time at the clicks, because they think they’re the best thing they’ve ever seen…and, this being the Discworld, that of course leads to some magical problems. But I decided to name my blog for this book because, like those wizards, I lived a pretty sheltered life for a while as a homeschooled Christian pastor’s kid, and I didn’t get out to see many movies until a few years ago. And like the wizards, I’ve been blown away by the magic of movies. So now, as a not-so-sheltered Christian journalist, I’ve decided to start sharing my thoughts on some of those movies, as well as TV shows, via this blog.

The movies I review will be brand new, decades old, and everything in between–but pretty much all of them will be new to me. Sheltered homeschooler, remember? I have a lot of pop culture to catch up on. My favourite genre is sci-fi, so lots of those movies will show up here, but there will be plenty of other genres, too. I also take requests! If you can think of a movie you’d like me to review, drop the title in a comment.

There are just a few types of movies that I won’t review:

  1. Horror–as in, movies whose sole purpose is to terrify or disgust the audience. I will, however, watch scary movies, where the scares are just a side effect of a good plot involving monsters. For example, you couldn’t pay me enough to watch Friday the 13th, but I rather enjoy Aliens. It’s a fine line, but I know the difference when I see it.
  2. Romantic movies that are not based on the works of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, or Elizabeth Gaskell. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, and I’d rather not waste my time.
  3. R-rated comedies. If I wanted toilet humour and jokes about sex, I’d hang out in a high school cafeteria.

Other than that, pretty much anything goes here. I will also post a monthly foreign movie review and a Monthly Movie Rant about something to do with films.

Anyhow, hopefully that’s a good enough explanation for this blog’s existence. Enjoy!